Our Storage Units

All fees are payable ahead of time and prices are on the provision of a full calendar-month. Discounts are applicable for 6 and 12 month advance payments. For price enquiries, or to find out more, contact us directly.

Extra Large Units

9m L x 4m W x 4.5m H / Roller door opening = 3.7m W x 3.5m H

Purpose designed to house caravans and large boats. These units have ample room and are capable of storing the contents of an entire larger family home.

Large Units

7.5m L x 3m W x 3.2m H / Roller door opening = 2.7m W x 2.7m H

Conveniently stow cars, trailers and boats in one of our large units. Also suitable for storing large archive-file collections and medium to large home goods.

Medium Units

6.5m L x 3.1m W x 3.2m H / Roller door opening = 2.9 m W x 2.7m H

Smaller cars, trailers, trades’ equipment and unused garden machinery are ideal for this size unit.

Small Units

3.75m L x 3m W x 3.2m H / Roller door opening = 2.7m W x 2.7m H

Our smallest units are best suited to archive storage or storing surplus household furniture, appliances and white goods. They can neatly fit the equivalent of a small apartment.